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Our Vision

A woman and man smiling at each other during a Staged Right theatre production

Founded in 2015 by local actor and director Robbie Summerour, Staged Right was created with a view to bring the community back to community theatre. Staged Right’s vision is to foster community involvement in theatre. We aim to do this by encouraging local talent and providing a safe place for that talent to be explored, and to grow. We seek to become an integral part of the Lilburn community, not only providing volunteer opportunities offstage and on, but providing professional quality entertainment in the theatre, and in community events.

Mission Statement: The mission of Staged Right Theatre Company is to bring theatre to the community, and to bring the community to theatre. Our purpose is to develop and nurture diverse talent in a safe environment while performing community outreach through quality theatre and service to the community.

Who We Are

Board of Directors:
President - Dave Huenergardt
Secretary - Ilene Miller
Treasurer - Paul Franklin
Members-at-Large - Shannon Varner-Alexander, Kendal Franklin, Starshine Stanfield

Artistic Director -
Starshine Stanfield
Associate Artistic Director -
Jim Nelson
Managing Director -
Kendal Franklin

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